A roof.

When you think of a roof many different images may pop in your head – metal, wood, shingles, pitches, linear lines. On a recent flight I was looking out the window and saw rows and rows of roofs and typical imagery about what a roof was flashed through my mind. But as I sat and peered from the window, deeper thoughts about what a roof really is came to life.What is a roof to me and First Story and the families we partner with?

It is a symbol of hope and accomplishment. It is a dream. It is the answer to those worrying about rising rent costs. It is proof that hard work and dedication do payoff.

I am proud to be a part of an organization where a roof symbolizes deep meaning for our families. First Story’s unique and integrated approach to affordable home ownership provides a springboard for families, a solution to the housing crisis, relief to so many hurting communities in the Northwest and a true gateway for those that want help.

As I watched the rooflines fade into the distance I smiled thinking about all of our First Story families sitting around their dinner tables, the children playing safely in their living rooms, parents tucking their littles in for the night in their forever bedrooms and all of the wonderful memories being made. I thought of all of the joy, laughter and tears. I thought about how perfect all those things were under the safety of their very own roof.

I look forward to a time when homeownership is within reach of every hardworking man and woman. Until then, First Story will work hard to provide a roof, one family at a time.