Just because the temperatures are cooler does not mean you cannot enjoy being outdoors. Fire pits are a great way to enjoy the beauty of this season. They make it easy to enjoy the perfect balance between the sweltering heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter. Whether entertaining family and friends or just enjoying the peace and solitude of your own backyard, fire pits can keep you warm and toasty.

There are several choices for creating your backyard fire pit oasis.

  1. Buy a premade, ready to use fire pit. This is a great time of the year to find one on clearance at your local hardware store or Walmart. I found a nearly brand new fire pit on Facebook Marketplace for $15. Craigslist is also a great place to look!
  2. DIY – for those of you with much more ambition than me! Here is a great website with instructions: https://homebnc.com/best-diy-firepit-ideas/

Once you have decided on your plan of action you can decorate as lavish or as simple as you’d like in creating an inviting space!

  1. Add chairs, benches and side tables to the area, making sure every seat has a place in front of the fire.
  2. Add decorative pillows to seats and benches.
  3. Light candles and lanterns to add to the ambience.
  4. Play music from your phone.
  5. Lay rugs under the seating.

Whatever you do, make a space that reflects your personality and welcomes YOU to sit back and kick your feet up. Cheers!