It’s been almost a year since Kimberly “Kimmie” Neff and her son Liam received the keys to their First Story home. I recently checked in with Kimmie to see how they were doing. What an amazing change homeownership has made in their lives!

Kimmie shared with me, “It's hard to describe how much our home has blessed our lives. When we received our home in August of 2019, it was so surreal. It was a little overwhelming trying to grasp that we had received this amazing gift in our lives while balancing getting Liam ready for his upcoming Kindergarten year. As time has gone by, we have made connections in our little neighborhood and a support system that will be here day or night. I feel safe, secure, and at peace. Liam has a group of the most incredible kids that he spends sun up to sun down with.”

Kimmie and I chatted about what an unusual year it has been. Her home has been a game changer during the pandemic. As with many families, her dining room became her workspace and Liam’s classroom. Kimmie is a cancer survivor, so it was important for her to stay healthy by working from home while still being able to help Liam with his virtual learning. Her home provided ample space to do both! 

And, in the midst of the COVID-19 craziness, she got MARRIED in her home!. Nate and Kimmie were married on March 23rd of this year. They were planning their wedding when things shut down. They received a phone call that their original venue was canceling all events. Nothing else felt right so they decided their home would be the perfect location - and it was. Liam walked his Mom down the aisle (hallway) and their living room was transformed into a beautiful setting.

“Our home has made miracles come true that I could have never anticipated in my wildest dreams.  Most importantly our new home has given Liam room to spread his wings. He is blossoming into the most amazing, smart, hilarious, and creative boy. Having his own space to work, play, create, and sleep has made a world of difference for him! As a parent, I always want to do what’s best for Liam and give him the best chance for a successful future. Because of First Story, I know I have the tools to do just that. I will be eternally thankful to the teams at First Story and Hayden Homes for this incredible opportunity and enormous blessing in our lives!"

-Kimmie Johnson (formerly Neff)