As I sit watching the snowflakes gently dance to the ground, I am gitty thinking about the start to what will be our biggest year ever at First Story. The door to a new year has opened and I am eager and ready to tackle new horizons and embrace new beginnings. I’ve always been a forward thinker – not spending much time looking back or reflecting on the past. However, I can’t help but sit in amazement of another record-breaking year and of all the people and businesses that made it possible. What an incredible year it was and how grateful I am to have been along for the ride. Now, it’s time to be BOLD! Let’s go BIG and go BUILD more homes!

In 2020, First Story will celebrate several major milestones:

  • More Dollars to Communities - We will donate nearly $200k to other charities serving the most vulnerable populations throughout OR, WA and ID.
  • More Homes for Families - We will provide nine homeownership opportunities, the most in any single-year, to deserving, prepared and capable families.
  • More Wealth Building Stories – We will celebrate three more First Story families whose hand-up to homeownership helped them end their multi-generational cycle of poverty.
  • More Housing Options – We will collaborate with Hayden Homes on our first tri-plex and our first accessible home rehab, building new options for our buyers.

As a non-profit that started as a grass-roots effort by a few caring individuals from Redmond, Oregon, I am blown away to have $14M under assets, 82 First Story families, and over $1.3M in charitable giving grants. Our passion is unwavering, our momentum is growing, and our difference is unmatched. I would say we’re CRUSHING IT!

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our journey and who is excited to be a part of our future. I can assure you we are working hard each and every day to make you as proud of First Story as we are. Get ready for a memorable ride as we kick off our #2020biggestandbest!