volunteer (noun) vol·?un·?teer | \ ?vä-l?n-?tir \

Definition of volunteer: A person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service.

In the world of non-profits, volunteers are everything and at First Story it is no different. We absolutely could not do what we do without our army of volunteers. From our project managers at Hayden Homes who oversee the construction of our homes to our event volunteers that help us raise money for those homes, we have a ton of caring individuals working behind the scenes to make the magic happen.

Our annual charity event at Tetherow Resort is our single biggest fundraising event of the year. It requires a huge volunteer effort to successfully pull off the 2-day event which brings together over 300 of First Story’s supporters. For the third consecutive year, two of our volunteers went above and beyond and were truly indispensable. Jared Abell, a Realtor at Fred Real Estate, and Corben Hyatt, the Executive Director at The Office Group, gave us three long, hard days of their time, passion and energy!

Jared has been a long-time supporter of First Story. Born and raised in Central Oregon, Jared is passionate about the local community. As a Realtor, he understands the local housing market and the important of the work we are doing at First Story. “When I’m not geeking out on data or dreaming about real estate, my wife and kids like to get involved in non-profits like Junior Achievement, the Ronald McDonald House and First Story. It brings us together as a family while making a difference for another family.”

Founded in 2014, The Office Group (TOG) is a Bend based non-profit organization offering hard-working and deserving high school students in challenging situations the services necessary to maximize their higher education possibilities at little or no cost. Part of the program requires community based, volunteer service and First Story is one of the local organization that TOG serves. Corben has been running TOG since its inception and sees first-hand the difference a stable home makes on young adults. “It’s a natural partnership,” says Corben about the relationship with First Story. “We’re putting our students on a successful path to post-high school and First Story is providing a successful path to homeownership.”

Day in and day out it is volunteers like Jared and Corben who make First Story better. Our October Hi-Five goes to ALL of these amazing volunteers! #Volunteers Rock!