I have been in the nonprofit world for over 20 years. I have had the pleasure of meeting all kinds of generous partners and corporate sponsors. I have heard hundreds of amazing stories about why and how people give. I always walk away from these encounters feeling fuller, happier and motivated to continue dedicating my life’s work to worthy causes. So, after two decades of running in philanthropic circles, I did not expect to meet folks that could wow me further with their passion and enthusiasm for charitable giving.

I recently spent an afternoon with Dan Oxford and Marc Holt of AmeriTitle. AmeriTitle has been supporting First Story for the past decade. The conversation started out casually – motorcycles, family and stories of jobs from twenty years ago. I eventually got around to asking them both one simple question: “Why First Story?” I never got around to asking my other ten questions as their enthusiasm in talking about First Story led to an hour-long conversation full of laughter, stories and banter that left my heart feeling full of joy and my notepad full of content. These guys adore First Story!

Dan and Marc’s passion and exuberance for First Story and the work we do are unmatched to any other conversation I have ever had about “The Why.” Dan was very transparent about the tremendous amount of thought and care that goes in to choosing what organizations receive funds from AmeriTitle. “I am approached a half a dozen times a week from organizations that do great work, but I can’t donate to them all. So, I am very picky about where our money goes,” Dan shared. “First Story not only meets our partnering criteria; it exceeds our expectations of what a nonprofit should be. Claire and her team are pillars in the community, motivating even our employees to be better and do more. No other organization mirrors our values or goals for philanthropy better.”

Marc shared with me the incredible joy and satisfaction that his escrow officers feel each time they close on a First Story home, “that’s the good stuff!”

First Story absolutely could not do our important work without the generous donation of time, resources and encouragement that we receive from partners like AmeriTitle. Dan, Marc and every employee at AmeriTitle will leave a lasting impact in every community where we have a presence this year and for years to come. After our conversation, my strength was renewed coming into our busiest season! First Story is proud and honored to give a GIANT Hi-Five to AmeriTitle!