Behind every First Story home is a team of people who make it happen, including New Home Star, the sales team for our building partner Hayden Homes.

These sales agents work with First Story to help with the homier aspects of our homes, including the fun stuff like paint selection, backsplash, and tile color. They are also on board to help walk our homeowners through their homeownership journey, from construction to handing over the keys.

Matt Esarey, New Home Star’s Senior Sales Director for Hayden Homes, has seen firsthand the significance of First Story’s impact.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be on the selection committee for the recipients, and I’ll tell you being on the committee was pretty much life changing,” Esarey said. “You sit and listen to these people, the trials and tribulations they’ve had to overcome in their life, and you see that the home is the cornerstone of the way they perceive happiness. One of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is shelter. What First Story does is attempt to eradicate the issue of affordable housing and give someone who’s trying to get up on their feet in the world a home. The home is the centerpoint of life.”

We couldn’t agree more and are so thankful for New Home Star and team members like Matt.