At First Story we were thrilled to begin a new partnership this year with the Latino Community Association through a Giving Grant to supporting Latino families throughout Central Oregon.

We caught up with LCA’s development director Cynthia Jurgensen to learn more about how these funds will be put to work and the organization’s goals in the coming year.

“The focus overall at LCA is on impacting the social determinants of health and well-being that lead to progress and prosperity for immigrant members of our communities and their families,” said Cynthia of the organization, which has offices in Bend, Prineville, Redmond and Madras and puts on many events throughout the region such as Latino Fest, Gala De Oro and the Empowering Families Annual Luncheon.

This Giving Grant will specifically be used to support the Family Empowerment program at LCA, which is designed to strengthen whole families by increasing access to services and opportunities such as immigration and citizenship acquisition, as well as tax assistance and preparation, said Jurgensen.

“Our strength is based on our experience with immigration and the languages and cultures of Latino families in Central Oregon,” said Cynthia. “We address gaps in services and opportunities and advocate for full inclusion of our families. We are so grateful to partner with First Story in this work!”

Us too, Cynthia!