Moms are amazing. Being a mom is a tall order. Being a single mom, well, I am not sure I can find a word that honors that title. Maybe fearless, courageous, indomitable? Motherhood for those doing it alone comes with its own unique challenges. There is no ‘honey-do’ list, there is an ‘I have to do everything list’.

Here at First Story we have a front row seat to the lives of these awesome, incredible women as nearly 50% of our home owners are single moms. That statistic alone brings to light the incredible feat that these moms make every day…we are honored to be a part of their journey and proud to be a catalyst in connecting donors to families that work hard to build wealth and create a stable, healthy home.

First Story single moms are wildly successful. They are teachers, caregivers, founders of nonprofits and volunteers. They are active in their communities and stand out in their places of business. It is a daunting feat, doing it all, but somehow First Story moms get it all done and then some. They make us Home Proud!

At First Story we recognize, see and honor single moms.