Sugar Ray Leonard is quoted as saying "Success is attaining your dream while helping others to benefit from that dream materializing." Here at First Story we are well aware that without the success of our partners we would be unable to help the dream of homeownership materialize for so many families. As we enter into spring and embark on the launching of this new blog we are reminded of how lucky we are to receive an outpouring of support from generous partners, like PARR Lumber. We recently sat down with Joe Leathers, Director of Sales for PARR and he shared why giving is such a big part of their culture and their success.
“The Parr Family, from the beginning of our company in 1930, has always given back to the communities we serve. Very early on, our founder, Dwight Parr SR made a decision about where the focus would be on the companies giving, and I’ll paraphrase ‘There are many worthy causes where our philanthropy could be channeled, but we are going to focus on organizations that help women and children.’
Over the decades the Parr Company has stayed the course with this philosophy. Some of the major recipients of the Parr Companies philanthropy, over the last few decades, have been Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald Houses and First Story.
Since 2017 First Story has been our company’s #1 recipient in terms of dollars donated. Why? First Story focuses on people living in the communities we serve and helping them to achieve economic independence. It truly is life changing for families, as well for those involved in building these homes and supplying the financial resources.

Having been involved for over 10 years with the Giving Fund and later First Story, I know that Parr’s investment in this program is worthy. In fact, several members of the Parr Family, who sit on our Board of Directors, as well as hold positions within our company, and many other leaders at Parr, have attended the wall-raising and dedication ceremonies. These “moments” bring life into clearer perspective, and all of our folks have been positively impacted by these events.
Serving others is a legacy we all will leave behind. Investing in well-built homes, many times a first home, to pass on to hard-working families, giving them access to the American Dream, is very satisfying. Kids have their own back-yard and many times their own bedroom - something I’ve always taken for granted. The world we live in moves very fast, and it seems it’s becoming more and more self-focused.
Helping others is one of the only legacies we will leave behind. We’re confident our investments of time, talent and dollars WILL have a generational impact, for the families who receive a home, and for all who are involved in the effort. We LOVE First Story.”

We LOVE the Parr Company and we thank them with a First Story Hi-Five! Our work wouldn’t be possible without the generosity that Dwight Parr SR started nearly 90 years ago.

Stay tuned as we hand out more First Story Hi-Fives and roll out another year of new homes for deserving families.