This year, we're celebrating our 100th homeowner! To mark this major milestone, we're launching a year-long celebration of the dedicated partners, hard-working families and people that got us here. And you're invited to the party! Join us as we share 100 Stories from across the Pacific Northwest, showing the impact that we have, and the lives we can change, together.

It began two decades ago on the simple foundation of sharing food with our neighbors who were going through a difficult time. But since then, that foundation of giving has expanded year over year, family over family and now we are beyond our 100th homeowner—100 families throughout Oregon, Washington and Idaho whose lives are grounded in the foundation of a First Story home.

Our own story shows that once a solid foundation has been laid giving simply just... grows.

This work that we're doing together with our donors, our communities and all the First Story families is measured in grants, homes and partnerships. Together, we demonstrate that the returns from investing in each other's futures are tenfold. Building growth upon growth, we're expanding exponentially every year, reinvesting our success into our communities, and continuing to lay the bricks of a foundation from which families, neighborhoods and communities can build a new life and thrive. Let the party begin!

Watch the 100 Stories Kick-off Video