Today we’d like to give a big Hi-5 to Mike and Carrie at Bend Rubber Stamp and Printing (BRSP). BRSP has been a part of Bend for over 40 years, with Mike and Carrie at the helm since December of 2016. BRSP has helped First Story with a variety of projects – tickets for our annual event, signs for wall raisings, giant gift tags, you name it! No matter what crazy idea we have, we know that BRSP will take it and run, creating an even better product than we could have imagined. It was a thrill to get to talk to Mike and Carrie and learn a little bit more about the dream team at work behind the scenes.

Printing has been a part of Mike and Carrie’s lives since the 1990’s, and was even the basis for their love story! Carrie was working as a receptionist at a print shop in Wilsonville in 1992 when Mike was hired as a delivery driver. They started dating, got married a year later, and the rest is history!

Throughout the years Mike and Carrie have worn just about every hat there is in the printing industry. Owning their own store has definitely been its own roller coaster, especially this past year, but it was one they couldn’t pass up. They feel blessed that they’ve been able to keep BRSP going through the pandemic, especially since they moved to their new location, 1320 SE Reed Market Rd #180, in March of 2020, right when everything got shut down. But they kept growing, purchased new equipment for their space, and are now looking toward what the next phase will be! While understanding the nuances of owning their own business is newer to them, customer service comes easily. With Mike and Carrie’s combined experience, expertise, and artistic eye, talking to the customer, figuring out what they want, and translating their vision is always a fun and rewarding experience.

With that said, you can probably guess that when asked about their favorite part of the Bend community, Mike and Carrie instantly answered that it’s the people. A common thread in talking to them is that they love working with their customers, and that passion really shines through. In an age where everyone wants to do things online, BRSP is a special place where customers can come in, talk, and collaborate on their project needs. Mike and Carrie really pride themselves on making their customers feel at ease, understanding what they want for their project or business, and delivering a stellar finished product. Because of this well rounded approach, Mike and Carrie feel lucky that they get to see and be an integral part of growing local businesses. They also work with a lot of local artists. Some of their favorite projects involve taking a beautiful piece of art and converting it to notecards and prints to help an artist market their work and tell their story. Mike and Carrie also have a lot of pride in the memorial programs they create, taking great care to make sure they convey a good message to the families as this often the last piece the family will have of the person who passed besides their memories. It’s something that needs to be done with honor and pride. Both Mike and Carrie feel very passionate about this and can relate to the need, saying “there’s a legacy left behind.”

If you haven’t made your way to Bend Rubber Stamp and Printing, we definitely encourage you to visit them at 1320 SE Reed Market Rd, #180 or at, for any and all of your printing project needs!