Skies are clearing up and the flowers are blooming! For some of us that means heading back to the office after months away, and for others…well, we’re just trying to keep our workspace clear of crayons. Whether you’re a work from home warrior or an office hero, we’re here with some tips to spring clean your desk.

Toss it out:

Go through your drawers, your files, that one pile of random papers in the corner, and scan anything important to save on your computer. Then head for the recycling bin with any hard copies you don’t need to save.

Do you have to keep receipts? Try downloading an app like Expensify or ReceiptPal to keep them all virtually and clear some of that clutter out of your desk drawer and wallet.

Straighten Up:

Hopefully you now have a smaller stack of hard copies you need to keep. Don’t put them back in the pile of random papers! File them away in your existing folders, or create new ones. And while you’re at it, now is a good time to alphabetize or re-order anything that’s gotten out of whack.

Now let’s move on to your supplies and drawers. Test all your pens because you definitely put some back in that cup when they didn’t work. Replace the old ones if you need to, but do yourself a favor and throw those dried up pens out.

Give your supplies drawer a once over. Move all your post-its to one section, staples to another, and throw away any old passwords or expired snacks you may have been squirreling away in there. 

Spruce it up:

If you have the budget and the time, let’s add a little cheer to your screen time! Plants are a great way to naturally lower stress while bringing the outside in. Some great, low maintenance office plants are the Pothos, ZZ, and Snake plant.

Add a pop of personality with a desk calendar or framed photo, or brighten your space with a fun trinket dish or candy jar. You spend 8+ hours at your desk every day, so you might as well enjoy what you see!