Throughout March we’ve been taking a look at what affordable housing means and why First Story homes make a difference. From mental health to economic growth, affordable housing creates measurable, positive change in a community.

First Story flips the script on some affordable housing myths you may have heard. Let’s take a look at some of the ways First Story stands apart, and how the narrative around affordable housing is changing for the better:

  1. First Story homes have no negative impact on home prices.

One of the most prevalent myths around affordable housing is that the surrounding property values will drop. First Story homes are sold to our home buyers at fair market value, their home is just like yours! There is no negative impact on neighboring home sales or prices.

      2. First Story homes look just like any other.

When you hear “affordable housing” you may create a mental picture of what you think “affordable” looks like. First Story homes are constructed by builder Hayden Homes with the same quality and care as every other home in the neighborhood. We work with generous partners and rely on our superstar donors to lower the building costs, not the standards.

     3. Affordable housing is needed everywhere.

We believe everyone should be able to afford a safe, stable home in the town where they work and their kids go to school. First Story homes are sold to local, working families like teachers, nurses, entry-level workers, or military personnel. These people provide the foundation that our communities are built on. Affordable housing supports successful, thriving communities.

      4. First Story homes are funded by local businesses and individuals.

All of our homes are built without government subsidies. In fact, 100% of our funding comes from within the communities in which we build. These businesses and people recognize that there are deserving neighbors all around us who have done everything right, but just need someone like First Story to give them a chance to get ahead.

We hope these four quick facts help repaint your picture of affordable housing!