It is that time of year when America sees little ghosts and goblins creeping from door to door asking for tricks or treats when, secretly, they just want treats. The pandemic means Halloween looks different this year. Not canceled – just different. I refuse to “label” this difference ‘COVID Style’ as it sounds too negative. So, I am going with ‘2020 Style’.

The little kids in my house have been asking over and over what we are doing for Halloween forcing me to make a plan. As plans and ideas came together in my head I noticed the kids were fully embracing this new approach to Halloween – 2020 Style.

Here is what our night will look like:

  • A Spooky Dinner – This link - has 20 fabulous dinner ideas. We will be making Ghost Pizza Bagels, Jack-O-Lantern Stuffed Peppers and the Spider Web Cake.
  • Jack-O-Lantern-Treat-Hunt – In the spirit of an Easter Basket Hunt, I present you with this little idea! Fill the bucket that they would have been using for trick or treating with an abundance of their favorite, parent-approved, treats along with little toys, gift certificates, toiletries, love notes or anything they might enjoy. The options are truly endless. Just hide the bucket of treats and let them search the house for their goodies!
  • Monster Mash – This is necessary! Play this tune on repeat while eating dinner, searching for the treat baskets and all the spaces in between!

This year has been filled with opportunities to put a fresh spin on old traditions. As our Halloween moves indoors, I will actually get to see the little boys dressed in their costumes because they will not be bundled up in three layers. I can’t wait to enjoy an entire evening of them running around in their Captain America and Storm Trooper costumes – now that is a new Halloween 2020 Style perk I wish I could have every year!