This has been a challenging year with unexpected obstacles to overcome, but at First Story we still have a lot to smile about. There was NO WAY we were going to step back from our #biggestyearever. We are still handing over the keys to 9 deserving families and we couldn’t have done it without the continued support from our founder, Hayden Homes and their Project Managers (PM) who oversee the construction of our First Story homes.

“The feeling you get when talking to a First Story family is overwhelming, it's especially emotional when they have kids. Being a father myself I know the drive most parents feel to providing a stable, happy life for their children. To be able to help someone create a good life for themselves and their families is the best feeling in the world.” Michael, PM, Orchard Gleanns

Project Managers are the heartbeat of a First Story home – they help us with special events for our homeowners, they coordinate our trade and supply partners, and they take care of every little detail on our charming homes! In a time of unforeseen construction hurdles and speed bumps, their passion for what we are doing at First Story continues to shine every day.

“During these strange times, a chance to focus on something positive has been very rewarding. I am fortunate to work for a company that realizes the importance of giving back, and the positive impact it has on so many people.”-Cody, PM, McKenzie Meadows

#HiFive to all the Senior Project Managers and Project Managers at Hayden Homes helping us build hope and dreams this year! We appreciate you:

McKenzie Meadows: Tom Bennett & Cody Compeau

Sunset Crossing: Mike Moore & Kaleb Simon

Sawtooth Lakes: Koz Kozlowski, Philip Yates & Rich Beaman

Lauria Meadows: Miguel Contreras

Orchard Gleanns: Travis Mills & Michael Poach

Several of our AWESOME PMs!