Happy Friday, friends! I hope you enjoyed retiring winter indoors and brightening up your interior in anticipation of the warmer days ahead. This week, I would like to help you usher summer in to your outdoor spaces. Let’s summerize your yard and patio.

Get Your Yard Ready for Long Summer Nights

  • Trim and weed your flower beds and your yard. 
  • Add splashes of color with hanging pots of pansies and little pots of marigolds.
  • Pick up a few outdoor games to play on the lawn. Giant Jenga, Bocce Ball and Croquet are a few fan favorites!
  • Make sure the grill is clean and has plenty of propane, charcoal or wood chips.
  • Stock up on bug spray and sunblock.

Get Your Patio Summer Ready

  • Hose or sweep the patio to get rid of webs, dust and leaves that piled up over the winter.
  • Wipe down the outdoor chairs and cushions…ewww! You can pressure wash or wipe down with a soapy sponge or cloth.
  • Plan your outdoor lighting. There are so many choices here – I personally love the string lights, but many of my friends like solar lights and candles. Be creative, it all works! If you opt for candles, purchase a new lighter.
  • Keep lots of beverages and snacks on hand for kids. Look for a used mini-fridge to keep drinks cold and conveniently located outside!

Do Preventative Maintenance

  • Check for cracks in the driveway and repair or reseal them.
  • Test and lubricate the garage door.
  • Inspect for insect activity and treat as needed.
  • Fertilize the lawn and get your watering system planned or hooked up.
  • Clean outdoor light fixtures a replace bulbs as needed.

I took it easier on you in the preventative maintenance area this time – you are welcome. I hope you feel inspired and energized to say “adios” to winter and “hello” to summer. Have fun summerizing the spaces that you call home!