Ahh, summer is almost here! I don’t know about you, but “staying home and staying safe” has made me lose track of the days. But, with the green grass coming in and the flowers I just planted growing, I am reminded that summer will be here before I know it and there is probably no better time than the present to get my house and my yard ready for the new season. In this two-part blog I will tackle my inside chores first. As much as I may moan and groan, I love the sense of satisfaction I get when my home is in tip top shape for summer fun!

1. Get Rid of Winter Inside
Store away items that aren't useful in the summer, such as blankets, thick quilts and heavy bedding. Replace them with simple, lightweight summer throws. Place your heavy winter coats in a tote and replace with your light weight jackets and sweatshirts. Store your winter recreation equipment in bins in the garage, shed or a storage unit and organize your summer recreational gear. Lastly, move bulky winter footwear to a closet and let your flip-flops and sandals sit by the door. Also, lighten the color palette in your home with fun and flirty pillows and rugs. This is also the time to clean all your windows and door screens. You want to make sure they are ready for those beautiful days when you want to let the fresh air and sunlight in.

2. Stock up on Essentials
I love having friends and family over for BBQs and small get-togethers. Before summer arrives, I like to stock up on all the essentials: paper towels, paper plates, plastic cutlery, cleaning supplies, batteries and toilet paper - running out of toilet paper is not something you want to happen when you have guests, am I right? As you know, shopping has been a bit more difficult right now, but if you make a list and plan ahead, you can get your essential items over time from a local store or online retailer.

3. Invite Summer Indoors
Another way I like to prep my home for the summer is to bring the outdoors in. I do this by picking up a few new indoor plants, creating a little herb garden in my kitchen (I like buying little kits) and cutting a few blooms from the garden to style the coffee table. Pull out your vases and stock fresh flowers of all kinds and colors in every room that you can…even the bathroom!

4. Do Preventative Maintenance
These might be the least fun chores on your summerize list, but they might also be the most important. Take time now to inspect the following:

  • Clean or replace your air-conditioner’s filter, remove any dust and inspect hoses. 
  • Don’t have A/C, pull out your summer fans.
  • Check lawn equipment and gas up
  • Clean outdoor grill and/or fire pit
  • Change furnace filters
  • Drain or flush water heater, test overflow to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Remove lint from dryer exhaust vent with a long flexible brush
  • Remove shower-heads and clean them to remove any sediment buildup
  • Recheck caulking behind sinks and in bathroom and the kitchen

It’s especially important to check out things you haven’t used during the winter to ensure they are functioning properly. We all know how frustrating it can be to have the air-conditioning break down on the hottest summer day. Prevent what you can and then plan ahead in case of a problem.

Well, that’s it, friends! Summer is going to be amazing this year and we have all earned it, for sure. I hope these tips inspire you to summerize the inside of your home! Stay tuned next week for part two – summerize your yard!