Working differently in the wake of COVID-19 has brought many joys and many challenges, but I think we can all agree on one thing – we miss the people who make our lives better! I miss the caring people who are a part of First Story; so many who have become friends.

Several weeks ago I met up with long-time supporters and friends, Matt and Grant, Brokers at Robinson-Ludwick Group. These guys are rock star Realtors and more importantly, rock star givers. They both have generous hearts and are big time champions for First Story.

Check out this fun, short clip from my time with them  - Awesome Interview!

Besides giving to First Story, these two Realtors make giving a part of their lives – it is a way of thinking and is woven into their fabric.

We appreciate all of our Realtor partners who believe in the importance of affordable homeownership opportunities. This epidemic has reinforced what we all already knew, the critical role that housing plays in protecting the health, safety, and wellbeing of families in our community. Here is a big #Hi-Five to Matt, Grant and all of our Realtor partners who continue to build community and make a difference!