Canadian Author, Matashona Dhliwayo, said it best, “When life gives you dirt, plant seeds.”

Last week I found a packet of seeds my daughter had given me last year on Mother’s Day. She found them on a school field trip and thought I would enjoy a butterfly garden like the one Martha Washington had - at least that’s what the packet says should grow. It was a sweet gift. She knew those seeds would bring me joy and something to look forward to year after year.

Finding this wonderful gift got me thinking about spring, new beginnings and the times we are living in. I found myself on a hunt around my house (quite a long hunt since I am here all day every day) to see what other seeds I could find. On my quest, I found a giant package of bird seed that I had yet to put out and a whole box of heirloom seeds that I also never planted last year!

Over the past few days, I put out the bird feeder and started preparing my flower bed boxes for planting. Already I am seeing sweet little birds earlier than I normally do. What a nice treat to listen to them singing as I work from home. I also got a jump on my spring gardening and I am farther along than ever before. What a wonderful bounty I will have this fall from the seeds I am sowing now.

I didn’t expect all of this time at home, nor did I expect to find all of my little seed treasures – but, I found the gift of hope in both. These seeds brought me color and comfort just when I needed it. If you’ve got kids at home right now get them involved. Planting vegetable seeds, flowers seeds or filling a feeder full of seeds is fun for the whole family and provides all kinds of learning opportunities. And don’t forget seeds of kindness, we can scatter those everywhere we go!

Happy planting!

#plantaseed #seedsofhope