In the great world of sports, we honor superstars with the title of MVP. In the great world of First Story, we honor superstars with the title of MVG – Most Valuable Giver. Around here, our MVGs are numerous and irreplaceable and we wouldn’t exist without them!

Our Superheroes – We are incredibly proud of the payroll giving programs at Hayden Homes and New Home Star. We so appreciate the hard working employees and their families who have chosen to give every month from their pay check to First Story. And a giant THANK YOU to Hayden Homes for matching all of these gifts dollar for dollar!

Our In-kind Donors – The walls on our homes would never be raised if it weren’t for the companies that give gifts of in-kind and discounted labor and materials. Thank you for making dreams of homeownership come true. In 2019, we had over 100 businesses including: PARR Lumber, Montagne Development, Builder’s First Source, Rickabaugh Construction, Sherwin Williams, Pacific Landscape Services and Ashley Home Furniture, give an in-kind gift. We are humbled by their generosity!

Our Cash Givers – We are blessed beyond belief to have an army of individuals and businesses that give us the dollars we need to keep the house keys coming to deserving families. We salute Amerititle, Fournier Group, U.S. Bank, Cascade Lakes Brewing Company, the Hearthstone Foundation, Washington Trust Bank, Robinson-Ludwick, New Home Star and the entire army of stand outs that gave to us in 2019.

Our Volunteers – These folks do our heavy lifting! They show up and give to us their most valuable assets - their time, their muscle and their passion. Our annual charity event would not be a success without them. We are grateful for each and every individual that shows up, jumps in and often tackles the jobs no one else wants to.

Our Reward Participants – These folks have chosen First Story as their cause of choice when shopping with AmazonSmile and Fred Meyer. They give to us year round when they do their normal day-to-day and when the shop for special occasions and holidays. Thanks for participating and thinking of us!

As we look ahead to 2020, we thank and give a big First Story #hi-five to all of our MVGs!