Nothing says, “the holidays are here”, like a candle shining bright, a wreath hanging on a door, or lights twinkling across a roofline. Thoughtful decorations and small accents can bring cheer to your home during this festive time of the year. Seasonal decorations conjure up memories from days and times gone by and set the stage for new memories to be made. Don’t let spicing up your home add financial stress to this cherished time of year. Below are my favorite ideas for fun seasonal décor that won’t break the bank!

Choose Décor that Spans Many Seasons. Decorating with pumpkins and gourds is an easy way to bring in the spirit of the season and they will last right through Thanksgiving. Uncarved pumpkins look great by the front door and mini pumpkins, which are only $1, can be easily added to a table centerpiece. Homemade snowmen on a counter and hand-cut snowflakes hanging in a window will carry you from Thanksgiving well into the New Year. Think in terms of simple and versatile and you will stretch your dollar and your decorating days! One great investment is a wreath, maybe evergreen, that will welcome visitors October thru March.

Bring the Outdoors In. I love this tip because bringing nature inside is, not only elegant, but absolutely free!

  • Leaves – Wait until leaves in your area have reached their peak color and then gather a big, beautiful bundle. Arrange them in a bowl for a centerpiece or place them around twinkle lights on a mantle.
  • Berry sticks – Trim the stalks off bushes in which berries remain (rosehips are great and are found abundantly in the PNW) and place them tall in a vase or tie them together and hang them on a door.
  • Pinecones – There is nothing like a bowl full of pinecones sitting around your home in December and January. Pinecones can be gathered any time of the year and are a year round decoration. Change the bowl they are in or add accents like berries or mini pumpkins to match the season.
  • Pine Boughs – Nothing says “holiday” like a homemade wreath or pine swag. I often use the limbs trimmed from my Christmas tree to make a wreath. You can find a wreath frame at most local craft stores for a few dollars. Simply weave the boughs through the frame and add pine cones, berries and bows. For about $10 you have an amazing decoration that will welcome your friends and family.

Get a Deal on Facebook Marketplace. Right about now Facebook Marketplace starts buzzing with people listing amazing holiday décor for ridiculously low prices. You can find just about anything you are looking for and, remember, the listed price is rarely what you pay. I will often offer 50-80% off the asking price and I always walk away with a deal!

Re-Purpose Art Supplies. Are you artsy-crafty? If so, you’ll be amazed what you can do with ribbon, jute and bushy bows. Add wire ribbon to a centerpiece or mantle display. One-inch ribbon in a gold or burgundy is a good, versatile choice for the season. Use jute to tie together cinnamon sticks. I like adding these to either a wreath or centerpiece bowl. Unwind those fancy bows and wrap them around your homemade wreath.

Last Year’s Holiday Paper. If you’re like me, you have a giant bag of bows, paper, ribbon and tags from holidays past. I love using the leftovers to wrap up pictures already hanging in my home instantly transforming my walls into a backdrop for big, beautiful presents. So festive!

I hope you have fun and save money while decorating this holiday season. Share your ideas and photos on Instagram with #HolidayCreations and tag @firststoryorg!