A new home often means a new pet. You are no longer beholden to the rules of a landlord – this is your home and your rules. Fur babies are a welcome and wonderful addition to the family! But, more often than not, the newness wears off and the beloved family pet is no longer as welcome as they once were. This does not need to be the case. Here are some ways you can keep both yourself and Fido happy:

  • Make a way for your pet to be left home alone. Whether it be work, school or play you can’t always take your pet along with you. A crate-trained dog is a happy dog; crates provide a safe space for your animal. If a crate isn’t for you, how about confining your pet to one room? Either option leaves your pet feeling safe and happy and you will be happy when you return to a home that hasn’t been the victim of an anxious animal.
  • Keep the environment safe for your pet. Take a look at your home from the eyes of your animal. Objects that might injure them should be placed away and kept in a place not easily accessible. This includes wires, cords and sharp objects. Never leave candles burning unattended and be mindful of small objects that might be a choking hazard.
  • Install a pet door. Pet doors can be a perfect solution for busy pet owners. Pet doors give an animal the freedom to be outside when necessary – for both bathroom breaks and exercise. It also allows them inside when the weather acts up. If you opt for a pet door make sure that the outside space is secure. If your pet doesn’t take to the pet door right away be patient as most animals need a bit of training. One last tip, keeping water and food away from your new pet door will minimize the risk of unwanted critters entering your home!
  • Be mindful of medicines and cleaners. This is one that most pet owners miss and, unfortunately, it kills thousands of pets in the U.S. every year. I always encourage green and healthy living and keeping your pet safe is just one more reason to buy nontoxic, green cleaners and plant fertilizers. Nearly all common household cleaners and indoor fertilizers are toxic to animals. If you do opt for common cleaners (and all medicines) make sure that they are kept in a bathroom with the door closed or in a child proof cabinet – a location where your pet has zero chance of accidentally eating them.

A new puppy or kitten will most certainly add laughter and smiling to your new home. Make sure that the joy continues for years to come by keeping yourself, your home and your new best friend safe!