Every day at First Story is rewarding. But, it is easy to get caught up in all of the daily tasks or as we like to call them “the weeds.” The day that pictures from the Mohr Family’s wall raising showed up in my inbox was one of those days where I was lost in the busyness of just getting through the day. Opening that email and seeing the pictures of a veteran with his family raising the walls on a home where they will grow, laugh and love brought me back to the heart of First Story’s mission and all the goodness of the families that makes us “Home Proud!”

The Mohr Family had been struggling to buy a home when David Mohr’s father connected him with First Story. Being a disabled veteran and living in a high-cost housing area presented unique challenges for the husband and father of three as he tried to put down permanent roots for his family. David was forced to retire after two tours oversees due to injuries he sustained during combat. He now requires full-time care and makes a weekly trip to the VA hospital for treatment. In order to care for the entire family, David’s wife Rhandi home schools their children, so finding their forever home meant even more!!

David and his family were thrilled beyond belief when they found out that they had been chosen as home recipients through First Story. They had almost lost hope and thought a home was now out of reach. Instead, they are thankful to have a place for David to heal, for the kids to learn and for memories to be made. Being homeowners gives the Mohr’s an incredible sense of pride and frees up energy to be together as a family. They love playing at home and at the beach and diving into home school lessons together…all things they can spend more time doing now that they have stability.

David has expressed a great amount of gratitude saying, “First Story is a family-oriented organization with a heart to help families in need. Everyone is very kind and has been so thoughtful through the entire process.” When asked how it felt to help build and raise the walls of his home he said, “It was very encouraging to see how happy and excited everyone was to lend a hand and help build our home. The kind words written by all of those who helped build the walls will be treasured forever.”

We are proud to have helped this veteran and his family plant roots in a new community. Their resilience and tremendous spirit make us, “Home Proud.”