The people that receive and live in our grant homes are the literal foundation of what makes First Story a cause worth building. Without these folks, there would be no cause, no story, no success. I recently sat down with Annett Bovent and caught up with her as we reflected on life in the ten years since she received her home. I am new to First Story and had never spoken to Annett before. I had heard that she was an incredible woman and after spending a bit of time with her, I concur...she is quite amazing.

I asked Annett what it was like in those first days, weeks and years of living in her First Story home. She described her new life saying “I was safe for the first time in my life” and “every year I am in my home I grow a greater sense of security.” Becoming a homeowner gave Annett new life and through that new life she found purpose – which she pays forward today through her nonprofit Hope Heals.

No one shares her story better than Annett herself:

Annett hopes to someday have a facility that serves as a day center, processing facility and warehouse. And she is well on her way - she is the 2019 Walla Walla 100 Women Who Care recipient! She plans to write a book on her experience and expand her care boxes, giving to more folks in 2019 than she has in all five years she has been operating Hope Heals.

Annett makes us Home Proud, she has built a beautiful legacy on the foundation First Story and our partners provided for her. Give someone a home and watch what they can build!