We all heard the words ‘you can’t have it all’ growing up. And while that might be somewhat true, I am here to tell you that when it comes to your 9 to 5, you can have it all when you work to give.

Have you ever considered team-building events that build both a strong culture and embrace the spirit of giving? Team building opportunities can be big or small, a few hours or a few minutes, in the office or out of town, but they should always be thoughtful, rewarding and wildly fun (this last one is essential). When co-workers have fun together, it builds camaraderie and loyalty, which leads to a more enjoyable and meaningful work environment. And when employees give together, magic happens!

Here at First Story team building is the foundation of our culture and it is in our DNA.

Consider adopting a charity that has a connection to your company’s mission - a cause your employees can be passionate about. Then find opportunities to collectively come together as a company to make a difference for that charity. It could be through regular volunteer efforts, a payroll giving program or a team-building activity with the charity. Regardless of your choice, your employees will be inspired, motivated and proud to work for an organization who cares.

We all have to make a living and most of us spend no less than 40 hours a week doing just that…why not adopt a culture that inspires work to give not just work to live? Whether you are incorporating an incentivized way for your employees to begin giving or making it an entire team outing, drive your employees to engage on this level and allow them to further connect with one another and their community. Take it one step further and encourage them to give their time, their efforts and their dollars to a cause your company is connected to.

Ultimately the “right” team building event or community outreach initiatives will have a lasting impact on your culture and your company.