How did First Story get its start? Shon Rae can tell you.  She was there when the Hayden Giving Fund transformed into the First Story we know and love today.

Shon was working closely with Hayden Watson, founder of First Story, at Hayden Homes when they realized one day that there was so much more the Hayden Giving Fund could do.

“I told Hayden we should do this,” said Shon. “And yeah, we did it!” said Shon.

She recruited the first board of directors. She worked directly with our first homeowner family. And she secured sponsorships with our first suppliers and trade partners–many of whom are still our strongest partners even today.

“It was easy for those trade partners to come on board because Hayden is such a giving person. He leads by example.” said Shon. “Partners were excited we were putting together something they could be a part of.”

In the beginning, First Story built five to seven houses a year and Shon was a part of the family interviews for seven years. She’s worked in the private, public and nonprofit sectors but to her, this time at First Story stands out.

“There’s just nothing quite like providing services to families in need and feeling like you are doing something good. Something that really matters. It’s very humbling,” said Shon.

We couldn’t agree more! Thank you, Shon, for being a part of First Story’s start.