Imagine you’re in Bend, Oregon in 2010, when the economy took a turn for the worst. You lost your job and your house so you move into a motor home in a makeshift campsite on public lands. You develop foot ulcers that are so painful you can’t stand up and your partner is also experiencing health issues. You’re sick and stuck, unable to go see a healthcare provider. What do you do?

This is the true story of Kris and Debby. And thankfully, the team at Mosaic’s Mobile Clinic was able and willing to reach Debby and Kris and provide medical treatment.

First Story recently awarded a $5,000 Giving Grant to Mosaic Medical to support just these kinds of efforts.

The funds were “used to purchase basic wellness and medical supplies for almost 1,000 individuals who are houseless or at risk of becoming houseless,” said Emily Boynton, Mosaic’s senior development officer.

Mosaic's Mobile Clinic travels throughout Central Oregon every week to meet the critical healthcare needs of the unhoused population. But it doesn’t stop at healthcare. Mosaic partners with other organizations to help its patients find long-term solutions.

In Kris and Debby’s case, Mosaic partnered with REACH, Deschutes County, Band of Brothers, FUSE, and Central Oregon Veterans Outreach to help the couple get into an apartment. Mosaic also helped the couple enroll in Oregon’s Medicaid program and secure supplemental security income.

“It’s important that we help alleviate barriers to a healthier life, and finding affordable housing is a huge part of that. So partnering with First Story is a no-brainer,” said Emily.

We couldn’t agree more! Mosaic is celebrating 20 years of making high-quality healthcare accessible for all Central Oregonians and we’re thrilled to be a partner.