We always say that homeownership changes lives. As we look back on 100 First Story families, we sat down with some of our homeowners to see that change for ourselves. The first of those homeowners is Shelly Hagood. Shelly and her two teenagers moved into their First Story home in 2018 and since then have truly made the house a haven for their family.

When First Story met Shelly, she was recently divorced and supporting her family with a job at the USPS where she was working 60+ hours a week. Even though she had found a steady rental apartment, Shelly knew that homeownership would not only kick start her savings but allow her to cut back on work hours to spend more time with her kids.

Fast forward nearly four years and Shelly’s family is absolutely thriving in their home. Her daughter Rachel even came up with the idea to transform their backyard into a garden wonderland — a project that Shelly executed to perfection. Take a peek at the full video to watch Shelly’s interview, and see her journey from wall raising to home-making.