As soon as Board President Caleb Anderson crossed paths with First Story and Hayden Watson, he was inspired and compelled by the mission. Over a decade later, he’s now at the helm of First Story, helping others get the opportunity of home ownership and sharing his passion with others. Here are Caleb's thoughts about why the organization is having such an impact. 

"What I love the most about First Story is that it uses an ‘it takes a village mentality.' Not only does First Story give, but they also involve all of the subcontractors that build the homes in their communities. First Story is about the plumber who chooses to donate their time. It's about Parr Lumber who donates all of the lumber products for every house we’ve built in Washington and Oregon. It's the same with painters, or fence builders--everyone has a role to play in solving the affordable housing issues in our communities and First Story provides that opportunity. Through First Story community members, philanthropic individuals and companies throughout the Pacific Northwest are ensuring that hard-working people have access to  homeownership. First Story shows that if you have a will and a want, there can be a way. The organization shows that if people come together from a giving place, and want to make a difference, it's possible! Coming from that core giving mindset and connecting with other people and communities that want to do something to give back–this is where special things happen. Giving becomes contagious and our communities become more resilience and thrive.”

Thank you, Caleb, for your passion and commitment to our program!