Now in her fifth year as Marketing Director for Hayden Homes, Katy Wooderson is at the heart of telling the story of the special connection between the region’s largest production homebuilder—Hayden Homes—and First Story—the non-profit founded by Hayden Watson more than two decades ago.

“I have the privilege and honor of helping share First Story’s story,” she said. “I’m so grateful to work with a company where I get to do something above and beyond just my normal day job that impacts people’s lives and creates homeowners.”

It’s a story with many plot lines—linking the two organizations in ways that change the future of families across the Pacific Northwest. Not only does Hayden Homes construct every First Story home, the company is also a major donor to First Story through a special covenant. For every Hayden home sold a small donation is made to First Story, creating a sustainable stream of funding that provides the backbone of the Giving Grants First Story makes in communities around the region.

What’s even more special is that these dollars stay right in the towns they come from. So when a Hayden Home is sold in Walla Walla, the dollars from the giving covenant end up back at the local food bank, women’s shelter or youth services organization.

And it’s Katy’s role to share those special stories on behalf of Hayden Homes and the First Story team.

“Proud is a really good word for what I have the privilege to do,” she said. “I’m proud to work for Hayden Homes and a company that truly embodies that Give as you Go philosophy. It’s not just something we say. We live it.”

Recently, Katy also had the opportunity to serve on a First Story selection committee in Caldwell, Idaho where she was reminded again of the impact the organization is having for people—and it’s not just about owning a house. It’s about the small things that truly make a home.

“The kids wanted a dog so badly. It was super touching,” she said. “It’s these things that some of us might take for granted. We’re building so much more than homes.”

And it’s people like Katy who are making this magic happen. Thank you for all you do, Katy!