When we caught up with Wojciech “Koz” Kozlowski , who serves as construction manager for Hayden Homes, he had just finished helping fill gas tanks for employees in the Spokane area.

The event was a surprise for the team during a time of rising fuel costs. The company’s giving spirit, and its connection to First Story, are just a few of the reasons Koz enjoys being part of Hayden Homes.

When Koz first started with the company in 2018, a First Story project was already under construction in the region.

“I got to participate in the wall-raising ceremony and turning over the keys—it was pretty surreal,” he remembered. As a new team member, he wondered if this kind of generosity was sustainable. “And it is. Year after year, we do it again and again.”

In his role, Koz oversees the project managers who secure supplies and labor for our First Story homes. For him, seeing tradespeople and vendors come together to support First Story’s mission is moving.

“It’s pretty special,” he said. “Selecting a family that needs and deserves help reminds us to help take care of other people, especially in the current market where everyone is so busy thinking about work.”

We think having Koz in our corner is pretty special, too. Thank you for all you do, Koz!