After a time, it’s only natural that some of our homebuyers will spread their wings as their broods grow, their nests empty, or new opportunities require migration. In 2014, we launched our Fresh Start program in partnership with Simplicity by Hayden Homes to buy back First Story homes from our owners and update them for new families. These refurbishments go beyond cosmetic repair and a fresh coat of paint. The homes get updated finishes, fixtures, flooring, lighting, and landscaping, so they’re good as new, said Jeff Mauser, senior project manager with Simplicity by Hayden Homes.

In 2014, Simplicity first partnered with us for a Fresh Start refurbishment in Redmond, Oregon. Since then, the Simplicity team has helped us complete a total of five Fresh Start homes in the state, including one currently under construction in Redmond’s Hayden Ranch Estates.

Jeff oversees all aspects of Fresh Start construction in Central Oregon, including securing donations from trade and supply partners and coordinating his team. He said they always look forward to the First Story projects and are eager to help.

“Hayden has created a real ‘give as you go’ attitude that’s contagious and flows through the entire company,” he added. “It means a lot.”