Our Vision

To change lives.

Our Mission

To promote giving and inspire communities through the creation of home ownership opportunities and financial support.

Our Impact

To date, First Story has provided 64 work-force families with an affordable home ownership opportunity and a first step toward financial freedom. In addition, over $1 million has been donated to charitable organizations providing food, shelter, emergency relief and basic human services to children, seniors, veterans and others in need.

Our HistoryHayden Homes Heart Logo

In 1998, a handful of employees at Hayden Homes, a home builder founded in Redmond, Oregon, decided to organize the company's community giving efforts by giving holiday gift baskets to families in need. In that moment, First Story was born. Formerly named the Hayden Enterprises Giving Fund, this simple aspiration evolved into a non-profit which creates partnerships that provide opportunities for qualified individuals and families in need of affordable housing in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. First Story would not be where it is today without the passion and dedication of Hayden Watson, Chairman of Hayden Homes, and the more than 200 employees that give to First Story.

Our Founder

Robert and Virginia Watson
Hayden Watson and Dennis Murphy
Robert Watson, the founder of Hayden Homes, was a pinnacle of altruistic leadership. Known for his fun loving nature and endless dedication to improving the lives of others, Robert laid the foundation for the non-profit. This innate sense of giving was passed down to his son, Hayden Watson. In loving memory of his father and mother, Virginia, and their endless commitment to helping others, Hayden founded First Story. Although First Story is a public non-profit, the employees at Hayden Homes remain the heart and soul of First Story. Since 2006, Hayden Homes has donated a percent of every Hayden Home sold to First Story helping to build wealth in the community for years to come.